Thursday, May 18, 2017

Use the app of SuperSu on controlling the Android root settings.

Working with a rooted Android smartphone or the tablet.

Controlling the root setting for an Android smartphone or the tablet is a very important task. This is because, after the rooting process is done, the Android smartphone or the tablet you are using is open to several threats. This includes malware. The Android users who are familiar with the root process knows some things. They can tweak also modifies the specific way of behaving the Android hardware and the software. Granting the root access for apps allows the users to have a specific thing. The vastly control mode on the smartphone or the tablet and also the apps. This is nicer than a non-rooted smartphone or the tablet. For the process use Supersu zip.

Supersu zip, Supersu beta

The risk will be there after Android device root. That is getting threats to your Android smartphone or the tablet. So that, you have the Supersu zip to control your Android from those threats.

What is supersu?

Users will have some authorities with The Supersu beta. That is to allow the Android smartphone or the tablet come under the advanced management. This is under the rights regarding the superuser access regarding all the installed Android apps. This is regarding the apps, which likes to have the root access. The article is for Android device users. SuperSU v2.78 SR1 is the latest supersu app.

Chainfire team created Supersu beta app. This app allows the Android users to handle the advanced management regarding the superuser access. Some applications have to have root access. The below guide will help them.

Guide to use the supersu app.

  • ·         First of all, we advise you to prepare a list of the installed apps of your Android smartphone or tablet. These apps should also have the intention to have the root access permission to operate further. We recommend that, the list should be short, you need to have a few apps in this list. Try to include the apps that you only use frequently. Do not enter all the apps in this list.
  • ·       Navigate to the settings bar of your Android smartphone or the tablet. In the settings, you better be to enable the “re-authentication” option. This is made for a special purpose. Re-installing and upgrading apps have a process to go through. Then the supersu app will again prompt the window. This will ask for the granting or denying process regarding the app. By enabling this option, you have to do it only once. When the apps are re-installing or upgrading, the supersu app will not ask for the root permission again.
  • ·         The next task is about the revoking the permissions. Tap any app you desire from the app collection of your Android smartphone or the tablet. Then you can do the changing process of the supersu app prompt from grant to deny. This process will confirm the following process. The app will ensure you that, you will get the prompt, when you just launch the same selected app again.
  • ·         The Android user will also have the ability to Disabling the root also. Users will get the opportunity to disable the power of the superuser app in your Android smartphone or the tablet. In this process, you have to click on the settings of the supersu app. Scroll down and then find the option named default access. Then you have to tap the option of change to. Then you can change the prompting text from grant to deny or deny from the grant.
Regarding some instances of the use of this app, some particular functions from this app will not work properly. Do the following, if your Android device is not giving the positive result in disabling root. What you can do is you can reboot your Android smartphone or the tablet. You need to continue this process, until you are having the ability to re enable the process of rooting.

We hope the article is helpful. Using the supersu app on your Android smartphone or the tablet is easy. It will give you the ability to manage root access to the installed apps on your smartphone or the tablet. 

You can choose the most essential apps for your purpose and then these apps should urge for root access permissions. When you think that the time duration for rooting your Android smartphone or the tablet is enough now. Then you can simply unroot your smartphone or the tablet also. This is done as a temporary unroot or a permanent unroot. That is how it is.

The app is available for free download. With this app, the rooting process and the managing process are very easy. Try to download the app. The Android device will be a quality device. It is essential to install the app and flash the custom recovery tool. you can download the app from Google PlayStore.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Downloading the latest OS X 10.11 El Capitan DMG Using Torrent

More on OS X 10.11 El Capitan DMG Torrent

The OS X 10.11 El Capitan is the latest version as we said early for the mac computers. This is the only system which works as an alternative operating system for the windows operating systems. The operating system is safe and high in performance. It has improved the aspect of the security area of the operating system well.
The OS X 10.11 El Capitan  is somewhat a version which is named as apple corporations open beta version. this operating system is more than previous operating systems. Because this provide somewhat very stable atmosphere of performance. Also it is compatible along with lot of apps which are popular. This El capitan  operating system also belongs so many tweaks which are related to the area of security. It also have some set of improvements as well.

El capitan DMG

These types of functionalities will help the operating system to run with a safe and smooth atmosphere in the mac device of apple users. This safety atmosphere of the operating system will help the system to be protected from malware which can be processed to hijacking the mac device through those malwares. This will ultimately work as masquerading same as the user along with the system administration privileges.

Some of the highlighted features of the OS X 10.11 El Capitan Dmg Torrent

The OS X 10.11 El Capitan belongs some of the latest and cool features. Some of them are the mission control type of feature. This will allow the operating system to manage the windows and the work spaces in the devices well. This has been significantly well improved also behaves well with lot smarter. This will organize and also optimize the user access.